FTP server configuration in Linux

File Transfer Protocol


The File Transfer Protocol is a Communication Protocol used for the transfer of computer files between a client and server on a computer network. Uses TCP/IP FTP also used to upload/download files from websites and servers.

ftp server and client

Remote Server FTP Setup:

  • Need root access
  • Install vsftpd service (if not already)
  • Yum install vsftpd



Remote Server FTP Setup:
  • Start and enable vsftpd service
  • systemctl start vsftpd
  • systemctl enable vsftpd
  • Stop firewall orallow FTP to firewall
  • We Will temporarily Stop firewall
  • Systemctl stop firewall
systemctl status vsftpd.service
systemctl  status
Client Server FTP Setup:
  • Need root access
  • Install ftp service (if not already)
  • yum install FTP
HOW to transfer file?
FTP IP OF Remote Server)
Enter username/password
Put < file_name >

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