gnome ubuntu

How to install Ubuntu

  • How to download Ubuntu ISO  image.
  • How to create boo table pan drive.
  • this is boo table  drive software Rufus.

Create  Boo table pen drive

  • now I will show you  how to create a boo table pen drive. okay so first insert your pen drive.
  • will create boo table pen drive of Ubuntu.
  • Run this software roof force this will automatically detect pen drive okay.
  • This is my pan drive 8GB
disk iso image
  • Now on the boot section section select disk or ISO image then click on select option.
  • Now select your Ubuntu image.
Ubuntu ISO image
  • This is the image file I have  okay now just click on start  then click on OK  then click on OK And you can see your  process has been started .
  • And you can see your  process has been started .
drive properties
  1. show  the process has been done now now close this software .
  2. Boot from pen drive
  1. So I will insert my pen drive  and I will show you how to boot from your pen drive so i am using dell laptop in dell laptop you  have to press f12 key this key to open your boot menu okay and  if you using hp laptop then you have to press F10 key to open your boot menu so I will show you how to open your boot  menu and boot from your pen drive so turn on your laptop and then continuously press F12 key foreign now.
internal hdd

now boot from your USB storage  and press enter now you will get this window.

install dives

now you will get this window select the first option try or install Ubuntu press  enter

Install Ubuntu

install ubuntu
  • now  on the left side select your language  okay now  click install Ubuntu.
  • Now select your keyboard layout
keyboard layout

now you will  get this window updates and other software.

update and other softwer

Installation type

installation type
  • Now click install now
who are you

Now enter your login name then enter a password the click on continue

update softwer

Installation is complete now no  need to restart your computer just click on restart now  now remove your pen drive and press enter.

now login

So installation has been done now

Ubuntu  installation done

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