NFS Mount linux

NFS enables system administrators to share all or a portion of a file system on a networked server to make it accessible to remote computer users. Clients with authorization to access the shared file system can mount NFS shares, also known as shared file systems.

A network protocol for distributed file system.

Using this ,a user on the client computer can access the file on server side like as they are accessing locally.

NFS lrequest

Nfs Configartion Setup

We need to setup in two parts

  • Clients side Configuration
  • Server Side Configuration

Server Side Configartion

To install NFS Packages

  • yum install nfs-utils libnfsidmap
install nfs

Enable and start the NFS services

  • systemctl enable rpcbind, nfs-server
  • systemctl start rpcbind, nfs-server, rpc-statd, nfs-idmap
systemctel status

Server Side Configartion

  • Create a directory for NFS and give all the permissions mkdir /server/apps
file create
file show

Modify the /etc/exports file and add new shared filesystem

  • /apps <ip_allow> (rw, sync, no_root_squash)
  • exportfs -rwpaint
vi edeting
Client Side Configartion
  • To install NFS package
  • Yum install nfs-utils rpcbind
yum install

Enable and start the rpcbund service

  • sysremctl enable rpcbund
systemctl  start
Client side Configartion
  • Top stop the firewall
  • systemctl stop firewall / iptable
  • The client&csserver firwall stop
systemctl services
Mount the NFS file System

mount <ip_server>:/server/apps mnt/apps

mount show

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