what is a web server

Web Server Application Server

Web Server

  • A computer System that hosts Websites.
  • Runs web server software. HTTP ,IIS
  • Connected to Internet
  • W.S /Shared. hosts > dedicated hosts

Examples – Web Server

  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Internet Information serves (IIS0
  • Lightpd
  • Sun java System Web Server
  • Jigsaw server
Application Server

A server Specifically designed to run applications. Includes both hardware & software that provide an environment for programs to run.

Used for
  • Running Web applications
  • Hosting a hypervisor that manages virtual machines (VMS)
  • Distributing and monitoring softwer updates
  • Processing data sent from another server
WHY USE Application server ?

Provides processing power and memory memory to run demanding applications. Also provides the environment to run specif applications.

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