How do I access vmware through browser?

Using vSphere Clients to access vCenter Server Types of vSphere Clients Access Vcenter through vSphere web Client How it works Manage the vSphere Environment Using Client How we can access the v-spec line and host client using .the v-spec line of host client to access the ESXI host . we use host client to access … Read more

VMware ESXI troubleshooting guide

Agenda Troubleshooting Tools importance To improvise troubleshooting steps, we must Understand the ESXI Architecture from a component breakdown perspective. Troubleshooting ESXI is very much the same as any operating system. Start by narrowing down the component which is causing the problem Key Learning Objective: ESXI Architecture ESXI Architecture Components The ESXI architecture comprises the underlying … Read more

vmware horizon client

what is VMware Horizon client? VMware Horizon Client is a software application developed by VMware that enables users to connect to and access virtual desktops, applications, and online services through VMware Horizon infrastructure. It is part of the VMware Horizon suite, which provides Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and remote application delivery solutions. Here’s a breakdown … Read more

what is difference between vmware ha vs drs?

In VMware vSphere, HA (High Availability) and DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) are two different features that serve distinct purposes in a virtualized environment. 1. High Availability (HA): 2. Key features of HA include: 3. Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS): 4. Key features of DRS include: In summary, HA focuses on ensuring VM availability during host failures, … Read more

Top 10 VMware interview questions & answer(2023)

Q1. What is a Virtual Machine? What do you understand by Virtualisation? Ans. A virtual machine (VM) is a computer resource that, similar to a physical computer, contains a CPU, memory, disks, etc. However, it only consists of software and exists as code. The process of creating such a VM is called virtualization. Using a VM, … Read more

How to install macOS on laptop

.In this article, you will learn how to install MAC on VMware . VMware is a cloud computing and virtualization software tool for Windows operating systems that allows users to install a virtual operating system within their windows operating system.But when a user wants to use MAC on windows virtual machine, they need to install … Read more

How do I change my VMware root password?

To change the root password in VMware, you can follow these steps: You will be prompted to enter the new password. Type the new password and press Enter. Note that the password characters will not be displayed on the screen. That’s it! You have successfully changed the root password for your VMware ESXi host.

how to configure VMware HA cluster

Configuring a VMware ESXi Cluster Prepare the Hardware: Set up the physical servers that will host the ESXi cluster. Ensure that the hardware meets the minimum requirements for running VMware ESXi. Install and configure the necessary network infrastructure, such as switches and storage devices. Configure shared storage, such as a Storage Area Network (SAN) or … Read more

Difference Between Nsx-v vs Nsx-t

What Will Be Discussed WHY NIX ISSUES WITH TRADITIONAL NETWORKING MODEL WHAT IS NSX NSX ARCHITECTURE Software Defined Data center VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) is built upon several key components that work together to provide a comprehensive virtualized infrastructure solution. Here are the main building blocks of VMware’s SDDC: VM ware SDDC Building Blocks … Read more