Linux Types of Files

Files Symbol File Type
Regular file
dBlock device
CDevice File
PFiFO or Named Pipe
S Socket

S Socket
Special file to enable Communications between two processes.

Find under /run/
Example: /run/chrony/chronyd.sock


p Fifo OR Named-pipe

send data from one process to another so that the receiving process reads the data first-in-first-out manner.
can be created using mkfifo command.

mkfifo command

b block device file

Afile that refers to a device.

Find under /dev/

Example: /dev/sda1

find type

fdisk -l

fdisk -l
C character device file

We can create using mknod command.
These file are present in /dev folder file that reads/writes data in character by character .

Example: /dev/input/mouse2

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